Friday 23rd of February 2018



Tested HCM Negative Spring of 2015

Tested HCM Negative August 2016

PKD Negative


2012's Third Best Bengal Kitten in the World Was a Bengalislandcat Kitten

              He is Bengalislandcat Obsidian Oasis  of Jungletrax (Pictures coming soon )
 Anthony offered Oasis back after producing many Beautiful kittens for himself for his program,
 " I can not Thank Anthony of Jungletrax enough ! Look for Oasis's Awesome kittens this Spring !"
Oasis will be breeding for my 2016 Kittens here ! I am so excited to have this boy back and the opportunity
to have him back in my Breeding program ! Thank You Anthony of Jungletrax Bengals ! 





There is someone NEW here at Bengal Island Cat !I want to

Thank Doug Brooks and Rhonda Green for entrusting me here

 with this Beautiful Boy ! He has many Qualities I look for in a Bengal Cat,

 and a sweet loving, Purring, playful personality too !  Look for him at

 the Show Halls, we will see you there !

                                 Cascade Rim's Rising Sun of Bengal Island Cat

                                    Tested Normal Negative for HCM, August 2016

                                   Sire : Dadaelis Dupree of Cascade Rim,

                                   Dam: Cascade Rim Sundari

                                       Sire and Dam both Tested ,

                              HCM screening's normal OSU Cardiology 4/27/2012