Friday 23rd of February 2018

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Thank YOU! He is a wonderful kitten and will be a valued addition to my breeding program and will hopefully leave his mark on TICA's idea of an ideal Bengal. He is one of the most exciting and outstanding Bengal kittens I have seen in years. I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a Bengal kitten. Maybe 7 or 8 years ago? I got some good pictures of him at your house as well. I got good pictures of many of your cats.

You and your husband were wonderfully gracious and kind to me and I very much appreciate it. You have a lovely home and some truly outstanding examples of Bengals Cats...even better than what you have is what you are going to make! The time spent listenening to you talk about what is special to you about Bengals, what is exciting to you and what you want to do is thrilling. Few breeders even after scores of kittens and many years of breeding lack your vision and focus. It is something to be admired AND you are creating it one litter at a time. Truly impressive work.

I will keep you posted on the little guy's status and how he matures, does at shows and the like. He will be featured in my ad in the First Quarter Bengal Bulletin to come out in February. Also your keeper kitten from Cheetara and Jazzman is out of my dreams. I personally am trying to create a horizontally flowing pattern like an ocelot and your girl is truly a kitten like I would hope for...I am jealous in the best ways possible. KUDOS to you!

Take care and I will see you in St. Augustine, FL.


Anthony Hutcherson

This kitten went on to do Amazing in the MA Region !

 Mid. Alantic Regional 3th Best Bengal Kitten

 5th Best All Breed Kitten

He also is the 2012 TiCA Third Best Bengal Kitten in the Word !!!!

Congatulations Anthony Hutcherson of Jungletrax !

He is Bengalislandcat Obsidian Oasis of Jungletrax !

Here he is at 4 months,



Thanks for your email! We named the boy Aslan (after the lion in the "Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe") and Portia (after Portia in "The Merchant of Venice"). Being an English teacher, they couldn't escape literary names! :)

We have fallen in love with both of them, and we are so glad we got them both. They love each other dearly! The first night we were home, the male cat had figured out how to turn on the laptop, and the girl figured out how to hoard all of the kitten toys under the basement bed. Then on Sunday, the boy started playing "fetch" with the green feather toy.

Last night, Aidan was taking a roll of sewing measuring tape and running around with it in the basement. He was laughing, and the kittens were chasing him with vigor! Then... the boy kitten took his paws, flattened the tape, then grabbed it in his teeth, pulling the measuring tape out of Aidan's hands. What he did next was fascinating... he started running around in the same circle and wanted Aidan to chase him!

At night time, we read stories to Aidan; the cats come up and snuggle with us and purr; the male cat even wants to be positioned so he can see the pictures, though Portia seems to just like the sound of our voices. :)

I've been around cats all my life, Donna, but I swear I've never met cats so smart. David came to the laptop and found that one of his files had been renamed to "swwwwwwwwwwwwcccccccccsssss." We are blessed to have them and we are so thankful to you for being such a good "mommy." :)

Jenna, David, Aidan, Aslan, Portia

To: Donna

Bengal Island Cat


We just met you today at the cat show in Reading PA.

After seeing how sweet your Bengal was, we just totally fell in love!Your Bengal totally changed our views on Bengals. We have never seen such a friendly Bengal. She was such a sweet heart! We checked out your website and all of your Bengals are so gorgeous!! Your website is so nice.

Talk to you soon,

Chris & Amber

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Sent: Mon, Nov 23, 2009

Subject: Shandi's Kittens


The kitties are doing great! They love their room so much they haven't come out to explore the house yet... I dont know if that is normal as our other cat puma never did that. They have all they need in there though cat houses, litter box, food, toys... so I know they are okay...BUT I want them to come out and sit out the couch with us and feel welcome. I guess it's still early on though.

They are such sweet hearts though, they love to be loved on, and are both so playful. I am glad they like each other so well too. They are always cuddled up together sleeping. We LOVE them! So pretty and so sweet! Thank you again for such great cats!!! We will keep in touch and let you know how they end up doing later on!


Bengals Love Riding in Cars

Dear Donna,

I only wish I had known about Bengal cats years ago, and I would

have never owned a regular domestic cat. They are the most loving,

beautiful, intelligent animals I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

They shower with me in the morning, self-trained themselves to use

the toilet, love to ride in cars, they are dogs with catitude!! We were

amazed at how socialized and people-friendly the 4 kittens we had

previously adopted from you were.

We are so looking forward to visiting your beautiful home again,

and picking up our 2 new girls.   We can tell how much you love

and care for your cats by the clean and healthy environment of

your home, that you share with them, and would recommend you

and your kittens to anyone looking for a Bengal.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you need a reference.

Thanks again, see you soon, we are so excited!!

The Douglases

Guen and RipTyde's Girl

Howdy, I wanted to thank you for this precious sweetheart !

She has been such a joy to me since I got her and she seems

to be doing just fine in my apartment. Today I got her rabies

shot so that is taken care of and next will be her booster shot.

Thank you again for her as she is such an adorable kitten!

                                                   Kevin Gahagan